September 23, 2015

Singapore Arts Scene

The blooming economy of Singapore has paved the way for the local arts scene, with more and more performing artist and troupes gaining local and international recognition through the local stages. While there is a lack of space and land in Singapore, the local arts scene taps on the rich history and local flavor of Singapore. Local talents are able to join world-class production and work with recognizable faces of the arts scene.

The education ministry has progressively committed itself to enhancing arts education in primary and secondary schools. Since the late 1990s to early 2000s, Singapore schools has taken a more proactive role in promoting arts festival. One quick example is the Singapore Youth Festivals that are held yearly for students across Singapore to showcase their artistic talents. Niche areas such as music are also being developed since the inception of the program.

Tapping on the rich heritage of local arts, Singapore lion dance played a huge role in the chinese community. Lion dance is also arguably the identity of chinese citizens in Singapore.


Lion dance has also flourished in schools around Singapore, so much so that the local governing body for lion dance and martial arts decides to hold lion dance competitions for schools. Singapore’s local lion dance champions has also clinched several prestigious international awards and has since put Singapore on the map for lion dance.

While there were several horrible stigmas associated with lion dance troupes, HeQuan has proactively addressed these stigmas by educating the youth about lion dance and it’s tradition. It also teaches youths what lion dance is not associated with.